RacetotheWH uses data-driven models to forecast elections and tracks the latest polling in both general elections and primary races. Our most important goal is to make it as easy as possible for our viewers to understand the current state of American politics.

Our interactive forecasts identify the key races that are most likely to decide national elections. We know that many of our viewers like to volunteer and donate to campaigns, and we aim to arm them with the knowledge they need to make sure their hard work targets the races where it will make the greatest difference possible.

Last cycle, over two million Americans came to our site to get a better understanding of American politics. We also built on our strong track record from 2020 and ranked as the first or second-best forecaster across most metrics, including:

  • First in predicting individual Senate and Governor races correctly, and second in predicting the winner of individual House races, trailing FiveThirtyEight by one seat.

  • RacetotheWH was one of two forecasts to correctly identify that Democrats were on track to break historic trends and hold on to the Senate.

  • Led all forecasters in predicting the GOP's final seat total in the House

  • One of the only forecasters to attempt predicting primaries. We called every Senate primary right, and correctly called 20/22 Governor races.

Now, we’ve turned our attention to the 2024 election cycle. We’ll be forecasting the Senate, House, and Presidential elections and primaries.

For press queries, interviews, podcast invitations, and political consulting opportunities, contact the founder of RacetotheWH, Logan Phillips, at [email protected]


Founder and Editor in Chief: Logan Phillips

Logan built RacetotheWH in the Spring of 2020 during his last Semester of Graduate School at Columbia University, after New York City shut down during the height of the pandemic. He channeled his restless energy into building a Presidential and Senate forecast that became the foundation for the site.

Today, Logan runs the business side of RacetotheWH, designs all of the election forecasts from the ground up, and creates interactive graphics for the website. Everything in the election forecast is rigorously tested on decades of past elections to ensure it's as accurate as possible.

Before RacetotheWH, Logan received his Master's Degree in International Affairs at Columbia University. At Columbia, he studied Presidential Campaign Management directly under Professor Karine Jeanne Pierre, who later became the Press Secretary for President Joe Biden.

Logan cut his teeth in American politics both in D.C. and around the country. He worked in President Obama's White House as an intern for the Department of Scheduling and Advance. He organized for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Run in South Carolina, and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy’s Re-Election. Logan worked on the political team for the American Institute of Architecture. Finally, his undergraduate degree was at Gettysburg College, where he studied political science, with a focus on presidential decision-making.