RacetotheWH - About Us

Our goal at RacetotheWH is to help our viewers understand the current political landscape. Using our election forecast and polling, they can determine which races are in play and which candidates stand the best chance of winning. We project the outcome of every single House, Senate, Presidential, and Governor race in the nation, and we’ve designed our graphics to make it as easy to use as possible.

Simply put, we've meticulously analyzed each race using our battle-tested election forecast, and we're offering you straightforward insights free of charge. They are updated daily with the latest information and polling.

Track Record:

While RacetotheWH is only in its third cycle, we’ve already proven ourselves with one of the best track records in the nation over the last four years. In our launch year in 2020, we accurately identified that Democrats would win the White House and Senate, including that Joe Biden was on track to narrowly win Arizona and Georgia when we first launched in June.

In 2022, we arguably had the best track record in the nation. While most forecasters were more confident that the GOP would have a strong midterm performance, we were one of only two forecasters to correctly anticipate that Democrats would break historic trends and hold on to the Senate. 

We also called the highest number of individual Senate and Governor races correctly and came second in predicting the winner of the House race, trailing FiveThirtyEight by one seat. 


Finally, we strive to ensure that RacetotheWH is a net positive for American democracy, and doesn’t become the ESPN of politics. We recognize that many of our viewers volunteer and donate to campaigns. RacetotheWH arms them with the knowledge they need to ensure their efforts target the races where they can make the most significant impact. Information is power, and the more knowledge the American people have, the more our political system will reflect their interests.

Join us on our mission to empower voters with accurate forecasting. Stay informed with RacetotheWH, and share it with your friends online to help us grow, and empower more Americans with the knowledge they need to understand the political landscape.

Press Queries:

For press queries, interviews, podcast invitations, and political consulting opportunities, contact the founder of RacetotheWH, Logan Phillips, at [email protected].


Logan founded RacetotheWH when he was a graduate student at Columbia. He started building the foundation for the website during his Presidential Campaign Management class taught by Professor Karrine Jeanne Pierre, who would later become President Biden’s Press Secretary.

Before Graduate School, Logan gained experience in American politics both in D.C. and around the country. He worked in President Obama's White House as an intern for the Department of Scheduling and Advance. He’s worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy’s Re-Election. He also worked on the political team for the American Institute of Architecture. Finally, his undergraduate degree was at Gettysburg College, where he studied political science, with a focus on presidential decision-making.

He launched RacetotheWH in June 2020. It proved to be highly accurate in its first election cycle, although it initially received limited attention. Viewership exploded in 2022, when it was used by over 2 million Americans across the country, and viewed over 7 million times. 

Logan takes a scientific approach to building election models. He rigorously tests his models on decades of past election cycles to ensure accuracy. Whenever he develops a new theory to enhance his models, he subjects it to thorough testing. This ensures any changes genuinely improve the model's predictions. It’s time-consuming and has taken thousands of hours, but it leads to the best model possible.

For much more on his background and how he created RacetotheWH, you can listen to his interview with the Pro Politics Podcast with Zach McCrary.