2024 Senate Polling

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RacetotheWH is tracking the latest polls for the 2024 Senate Election. We include three types of polls: General Election, Primaries, and Favorable/Unfavorable Ratings for each candidate. 

Our polling average gives more weight to polls that have large sample sizes, that are recent, and that are from pollsters that have a strong track record. Corrections are made for pollsters' historic bias.

President Polls

Track the latest polls for the 2024 Presidential Election - including an electoral college map based on the leader of each state.


Interactive Features

Biden Approval Tracker

Track Biden’s support in every state of the union, and compare his national numbers to Donald Trump’s.

2024 GOP Primary

After the midterms, a potential DeSantis v. Trump race now looks very competitive.

Kentucky Governor Predictions

Can Andy Beshear Defy Political Gravity and Win a Second Term in Kentucky?

NFL Predictions

Weekly predictions for every game - and the odds each team has of making the playoffs and winning the Superbowl


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