2024 Republican Primary Polling  

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RacetotheWH is tracking the latest 2024 GOP Primary polls. We give more weight to:

1. Recent polls
2. Polls with large sample sizes
3. Polls from pollsters with a strong track record

In 2022, RacetotheWH was one of the most accurate forecasters in the nation. We predicted the GOP would win 223 seats in the House. They won 222. We’re also tracking which GOP Presidents are making moves to run for President.

Coming soon: Over the next few months, RacetotheWH will be releasing a series of interactive features shedding light on the 2024 GOP Primary, including:

  1. GOP Primary Demographics: Which groups are candidates like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and other candidates polling best with? This will provide an early insight into the coalitions the candidates are trying to build

  2. Delegate Tracker: The candidate that gets at least 1,217 delegates wins the primary. Every state will have its own set of delegate rules. We’ll be doing the hard math behind the scenes - and project how many delegates each candidate is on track to win. The delegate process is notoriously challenging and can even stump campaigns, but we’re ready for the challenge. Our goal will be to make the complicated & often confusing nomination process as transparent and easy to understand as possible for our viewers. After all, our central goal at RacetotheWH is to make democracy more accessible.

  3. The Early Primary States: Almost every successful Presidential nominee in the past few decades was able to excel in the early stages. RacetotheWH will have interactive forecasts for states like Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina that will break down every angle of the race.

  4. Favorable Ratings: We will track every major candidate's approval rating with both GOP voters. They can be a strong indicator of a candidate’s ability to recruit future supporters into their coalition. It will also track favorability ratings with all voters.

2024 Senate Polling

The latest polling for the 2024 Senate. This year, we are also tracking primary polls and favorability polls for every candidate.

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2024 Presidential Election

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2024 Senate Polling

Now including primary polls and favorability ratings for each candidate.

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