2024 Republican Primary Polling and Predictions

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RacetotheWH tracks the latest polling for the 2024 Republican Presidential primary across the country. We also run a live election forecast that projects how many delegates each candidate would win if the election were held tomorrow. To secure the GOP nomination without a contested convention, a candidate needs 1235 delegates, which are won based on the vote in every state. Our forecast adapts to each state’s unique delegate rules and is updated daily.

In 2022, RacetotheWH called the highest percentage of Senate and Governor races correctly of any forecaster and came within one seat of perfectly predicting the GOP’s final number of seats in the House.
For any questions about the primary forecast, please email Logan Phillips, the founder of RacetotheWH.


Other Features:

24 Senate Forecast

Our Senate Forecast breaks down the chances both parties have of securing a majority in 2024. It will be updated daily from now until the election!

Biden Approval Tracker

Unique to RacetotheWH - we have launched our Presidential Election Polling Average, including a new electoral college map for every matchup that has polling. Updated daily.

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