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Donald Trump has officially launched his bid for the Presidency, attempting to be the first President since 1892 to mount a comeback bid to the White House. First, he’ll have to win the nomination, and if the early polls are any guide, he may face a tough fight. Ron DeSantis - fresh off a resounding victory in Florida, has emerged as Trump’s greatest challenge, while other Republicans like Vice President Mike Pence are flirting with their own bid. 

RacetotheWH has been one of the most accurate forecasters in the nation since we launched in 2020, and we correctly called the winner of every single one of the twenty Senate primaries we forecasted. Our GOP polling average gives more weight to polls from accurate pollsters, and to those that were recently released.

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Race for the Senate

Follow our latest forecast for the 2022 Senate, which is simulated over 10,000 times every update.

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2024 Presidential Election

Track the latest general election polling, featuring Biden v. Trump and DeSantis polling, and an early look at the electoral college.

Georgia Runoff Forecast

Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock face off in the final election of 2022. Our forecast correctly called both runoffs last cycle, and now we’re predicting the 2022 GA race.

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