2024 Presidential Election Polls

RacetotheWH Forecast & Interactives:

RacetotheWH is tracking the latest polling for the 2024 Presidential Election for every potential matchup, including candidates like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis. We added a new polling-driven Electoral College Map, that shows the current leader based on the polling average in each state. 

In the polling average, more weight is given to polls:
1. With larger sample sizes
2. That are more recent
3. From pollsters with a good track record.
Corrections are made for pollsters' historic bias.

In 2022, RacetotheWH ranked first in calling the highest percentage of Senate and Governor races correctly and came within one seat of predicting the exact number of seats the GOP would finish within the House. We’re now forecasting the 24 Senate Election.

Senate Forecast

Breakdowns of the State of Every Competitive Race in 2022 - including polling, the political landscape, and the incumbent past elections.


Kentucky Governor Predictions

Can Andy Beshear Defy Political Gravity and Win a Second Term in Kentucky?

2024 GOP Polling

All indications are that the 2024 GOP primary will feature a matchup between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump - and DeSantis has made up considerable ground following the 2022 election.

Biden Approval Rating Polls

Track Biden’s approval rating - including a map showing his support in every state. Updated daily.

2024 Dem Primary Polling

Joe Biden has broken ahead in the primary polling, which we are tracking in every state. If he doesn’t run, polls show Harris and Buttigieg would be the top contenders out of the gate.


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