We just launched a Mega Update with over 20 New Interactive Predictions.

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By: Logan Phillips

Date: July 5th

Today, we just launched a mega-update for RacetotheWH, with more new features and interactive predictions than we’ve ever launched on one day before. The most exciting update is for the House, where were are introducing predictions for every house race in the Seven States. With 435 House Seats nationwide, it can be overwhelming to get a clear picture of which races are actually in play, let alone to understand the political landscape of each state.

Our goal at RacetotheWH has always been to make politics more accessible, both for hard-core politicos and newcomers looking to get engaged for the first time. We think these House Predictions will go a long way to helping achieve this goal. Each page includes information not just for each race, but the overall picture of each state. It highlights the most competitive races, shows the number of seats the parties are projected to win statewide, and how that differs from 2020. It also highlights the counties in each district on an interactive state map.

Congressman Andy Levin - COngtre

To start, we launched interactive predictions for California, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Keep an eye out for more to come soon, especially as primaries wrap up in other key states around the nation like Arizona, Florida, and Michigan.

Senate Races

We’ve been running interactive Senate Predictions for most of the top swing states in the country, and we significantly expanded our coverage to add an additional ten races. At the top of the list is Washington state, where Democratic Senator Patty Murray is running for re-election. Polling has been surprisingly close in Washington, suggesting Republicans could have a shot if they can mounter a proper red wave. 

We’ve also launched a forecast for the Democratic-controlled seats of CaliforniaConnecticutIllinoisNew York, and Oregon. We’re now predicting the races for Republican-controlled AlabamaIowaKentucky, and South Carolina

Governor Races

We’ve got a big slate of competitive Governor elections up in 2022, and now our coverage includes five important races. Despite its blue tilt, Oregon has the potential to be one of the most competitive races in 2022, and polling suggests Republicans have a real shot of winning, in part thanks to independent Betsy Johnson polling significant support. We also launched a forecast for Connecticut, where Governor Ned Lamont narrowly won his re-election in 2022. However, he’s become one of the most popular Democratic governors during the pandemic, so Republican Bob Stefanowski will have his work cut out for him.

We switched our New Mexico Governor forecast from the primary to the general election. Mark Ronchetti finished a pretty shockingly close 6% back in the New Mexico 2020 Senate race, and Republicans hope he can take advantage of a more favorable national environment and a likely increase in funding from donors to win an upset.

Finally, we added the California and Illinois Governor Forecast. Democrats are the clear favorites there, but the races will still be interesting to watch, as rumors are starting to rise about Governor Newsom and Pritzker potentially making a move on the national stage for the 2024 or 2028 presidential elections.

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Next Up

This is just the beginning of new features. We will be releasing General Election Governor Forecast for Maryland and Massachusetts soon, which are the two best opportunities for Democrats to pick up a governor’s seat. For now, following the fiercely competitive Maryland Governor Primary forecast.

We will also soon be launching a simulation for the House Forecast, that lets you explore what the election could be like in November once ad day. Speaking of simulations, we recently also launched one of our best features for the MLB playoffs. It’s interactive and animated forecasts, that simulate every round of the playoffs up to the World Series, updated daily, powered by our MLB Forecast.

If the MLB Forecast gets enough support and views, we will be creating an NBA and NFL forecast in the months to come as well.

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