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Pennsylvania is one of the most competitive swing states in the Union, but the last two governor races have been anything but close. Tom Wolf swept into office on a ten-point victory, and almost doubled his victory in 2018. Now, voters will have a chance to either elect a governor that will build on Tom Wolf's popular record, or embrace a new direction for the next four years.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro locked up the Democratic nomination and will face off against the feisty State Senator Douglas Mastriano from Gettysburg, who has made conspiracies about the 2020 election a key part of his campaign. Our Governor forecast features polling and predictions for six different potential general election matchups, updated daily with the latest information. RacetotheWH is projecting the results for every Governor and Senate election in 2022. In 2020, RacetotheWH was one of the most accurate forecasts in the nation and correctly called President Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania. We also correctly predicted Mastriano’s win in the primary back in April.

RacetotheWH is projecting the entire 2021-2022 Gubernation Cycle. Click here for the national picture.

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