NFL Season and Playoff Predictions

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Welcome to the NFL Forecast. We harnesses predictions from the top sports betting sites - and statistics from the NFL and ESPN - to predict the outcome of every game this season. After every day with games, the forecast simulates the season 2,000 times to determine how likely each team is to make the playoffs and win the Superbowl. While this our first time predicting the NFL, our MLB Forecast was one of the most nation’s most accurate in 2022.

For more, check out our Race to the Superbowl, which showcases a simulation of the NFL playoffs in an exciting fashion, with an animated playthrough of each game. A new version is uploaded every day at midnight. We also predict elections and track polling - including the 2024 Presidential primaries.

Predictions for the Senate Election

Predictions for the 2022 Senate Election, by one of the nation’s best forecasters. Updated after every poll.


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Georgia Runoff

Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock face off in the final election of 2022. Our forecast correctly called both runoffs last cycle, and now we’re predicting the 2022 GA race.

Race to the Superbowl

Every day, we upload a new interactive simulation of the NFL Playoffs.

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