How Popular is Joe Biden?

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RacetothWH is tracking President Joe Biden’s Approval Rating in every state in the nation. We are also tracking his support on a national level, updated daily with the latest polls. 

The 2022 Senate Forecast is now live, and both Democrats and Republicans have excellent opportunities to expand their ranks in an election map that looks strikingly similar to the 2020 election, featuring competitive races in states like Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. In 2020, our model was one of the best in the nation at correctly predicting the results of the election. We also have launched our 2022 House Election Forecast.

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For a list of the most recently released polls, click here. The polling average gives more weight to polls that are recent, from pollsters with a great track record, or that have a large sample sizes. Did we miss a poll? Let us know at [email protected]

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Senate Forecast

Breakdowns of the State of Every Competitive Race in 2022 - including polling, the political landscape, and the incumbent past elections.

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