RacetothWH is tracking President Joe Biden’s Approval Rating in every state in the nation, updated daily. The polling average gives more weight to pollsters with a strong track record, and to recent polls with large sample sizes. Swing states are listed first.

In state polling, we will sometimes use Joe Biden's Favorability/Unfavourability ratings when a pollster asks voters about this but doesn't ask them whether they approve or disapprove of President Biden's performance. There's usually a dearth of approval rating polling on a state level, so this will often be our only option to get a good read on Biden's popularity in the state.

In 2022, our election forecast called the higher percentage of Senate and Governor races right in the nation. RacetotheWH is already tracking the 2024 Democratic and GOP primary, and the 2024 Senate polling.

2024 Senate Polling

Track the latest polling in every 2024 Senate race. RacetotheWH is the only polling average that includes primaries and approval ratings - and it’s all interactive and easy to use.

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2024 Senate Polling

Track the latest polls in each state - Now including primary polls and favorability ratings for each candidate.

2024 GOP Polling

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