How Popular is Joe Biden?

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RacetothWH is tracking President Joe Biden’s Approval Rating in every state in the nation, and we give more weight to pollsters with a strong track record.

In 2022, our forecast were one of the most accurate in the nation. RacetotheWH is already tracking the 2024 Democratic and GOP primary, and predicting the results of the Georgia Runoff.

For a list of the most recently released polls, click here. The polling average gives more weight to polls that are recent, from pollsters with a great track record, or that have a large sample sizes. Did we miss a poll? Let us know at [email protected]

Georgia Runoff Forecast

RacetotheWH predicts the results of the GA Runoff. Updated daily. Correctly called both runoffs in 2022.

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2024 Presidential Election

Track the latest general election polling, featuring Biden v. Trump and DeSantis polling, and an early look at the electoral college.

Georgia Runoff Forecast

Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock face off in the final election of 2022. Our forecast correctly called both runoffs last cycle, and now we’re predicting the 2022 GA race.

2024 GOP Polling

All indications are that the 2024 GOP primary will feature a matchup between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump - and DeSantis has made up considerable ground following the 2022 election.


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