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In 2006, Jon Tester won an improbable victory over long-time Republican Senator Conrad Burns, surfing a towering blue wave to claim a victory by less than 1%. What came next was even more improbable. Tester kept defying the odds, winning re-election in 2012 and 2018 - while Democratic Presidential contenders continued to lose the Big Sky state by double digits in all but one election this millennium.

Tester – a lifelong farmer who sometimes takes two weeks off the campaign trail to harvest, strip, and bin the barley in his farm – has a distinct style and brand from other politicians, and has deep roots in rural Montana. That’s helped him successfully win over a significant number of Republicans. The defining question of the election will be whether Tester can continue to outswim a tide that has pulled under the rest of the Democratic party. In 2007, Democrats held seven of the eight statewide positions, including both Senators. In 2023, Jon Tester is the only one left standing.

Our Senate Forecast predicts Tester's chances of securing another victory in Montana - including against each of the most viable candidates that could challenge him in the general election. Every day, it's updated with the latest information. Once the race for the nomination heats up, we will be adding a Montana GOP Primary Forecast as well.

In 2022, RacetotheWH correctly called more Senate races than any other forecaster and came within one seat of perfectly predicting the final balance in the House of Representatives.


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Our new Senate Forecast breaks down the chances both parties have of securing a majority in 2024. It will be updated daily from now until the election!

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